Product introduction


       Beijing Aquaroot Environmental Technology Co., Ltd has three major business scopes, which are planning and design, product solutions and services for intelligent dispatching operations, revolving around such four elements as providing planning and design, product solutions, the platform for intelligent dispatching operation, capital and production; we have devised a development strategy of "planning and design as the core, product sales as the body and capital and operation as two wings". Our three core business departments, namely planning and design center, market center and development center provide customers with technical services and solutions for the following fields:

        (1) providing the planning and design services for the construction of sponge city, the disposal and treatment of contaminated water and sewage, comprehensive control of river basins and special prevention and control of waterlogging;

        (2) providing integrated network, storage tank, pumping station, outlet facilities among others with overall solutions product supply and operation services including rainfall control and the pollution control system capable of preventing overflowing;

        (3) providing a service platform of intelligent dispatching operation with the "Internet of Things" as the core, while ensuring the interconnectivity of facilities, improving the operation efficiency and the operation effect.

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