Employment ideality

Employment philosophy

        We are meritocratic and always put our staff to their best use.

        Making innovations in technology , management and market has always been our goal, andwe are committed to building a talent pool which is high-quality, structurally reasonable and sufficient in number as well as a channel of talent input which is extensive and unimpeded, while laying more emphasis on the talent pool of key sectors. At the same time, we have established a relatively perfect talent management mechanism, focusing on the introduction, cultivation, use, incentive and protection of talents, creating a sound environment for their development, striving for the simultaneous realization of personal value and corporate value and ensuring the common development and mutual promotion between our staff and the company. 

        We adhere to the principle of "open recruitment, fair play, task-oriented choice of staff and putting their talents to the best use", setting up an effective performance-based evaluation mechanism, in a bid to provide equal opportunities for each employee and encourage them to give full play to their strengths and potentials.

        We uphold the people-oriented management philosophy and provide a platform for each employee to draw on their talents, give full play their potential and realize their values.

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