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About us

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       Our founders are several former classmates and friends on the Tsinghua Campus. The world-renowned Qsinghua University enjoys more than just admirations,every moment spent here all bestows us a new dream and extraordinary mission. In late Spring, while taking a stroll on the Tsinghua Campus, one tends to be asked to give directions by visitors who are mostly admirers of the university and "Lotus Pool by Moonlight". By the end of 2015, we often gather by the pool, the original idea of our company was born on the pavilion by the lotus pool. Here is where our dream germinates and the harbor of our soul.

        In our initial ideas, we intend not only to be a for-profit enterprise, but also an environmental science and technology corporation which dares to shoulder the social responsibility and explore the future of mankind. As professionals engaged in the control and R&D of water resources for nearly a decade, we can foresee the underlying opportunities and challenges in such a responsibility an exploration, Yet, whenever sitting under the moonlight and beholding such four famous characters as “Shui Mu Qing Hua", we know that such a responsibility seems to be innate of us. Therefore, unlike most startups, we not only focus on the the construction of "economic foundations" at the beginning, , but also commit ourselves to mulling over the vision, philosophy and mission of our development, attempting to put them through every step of our development, so as to be a skilled entrepreneur enjoying huge markets while undertaking responsibilities.

       There is no doubt that we are a young team, and it is because of this that we enjoy sparwling "capital and strength". In just over a year, we have not only set up our own fixed teams for design and planning, product development and technical support, in addition, the industry experts, elites and domestic first-class college graduates constitute an orderly lineup, so that we can have  can enjoy robust momentum for our current development and sustained impetus for future growth. "The man of honor will strive constantly for self-improvement", so to speak, everyone in the company harbors a growing desire to flourish, which may be the core competitiveness of our young team. Our logo is composed of four discontinuous lines, together with smooth and coherent curved white outlines; when observed closely, it seems like billowing waves. This logo was selected, because it complies with our development vision; The other reason is that we wish our company to be like the billowing waves, daring to forge ahead amid the waves of our times while leading the industry standard with sophisticate technology; Meanwhile, it is also our hope that better staff can be produced and our company can sustain for generations, making us enjoy a steady and long-lasting flow of water. Such is the meaning of "clean water".

       As a young team, "sprawling growth" is the top priority. Yet, it does not mean that our development is groundless. As a professional environmental sci-tech company, we first position ourselves as a professional researcher, followed by a market explorer. In other words, we must not only grow wild, but also in a responsible fashion". Environmental improvement is an overarching task for the thousands of years to come, which is closely related to the interests of the whole society and mankind, as well as to the healthy, balanced and sustainable development of the whole world. "The (capacity and sustaining) power of the earth is what is denoted by Kun. Therefore, noble people support (men and) things with their virtue". We are bound to be "morality-oriented ", take social responsibility and resolve the environmental crisis; we are convinced that we are capable of handling myriads of changes on the market! Overlooking our logo, the white waves resemble the rings on the stumps, with clear curves and compact structures, signifying that we are in a complex market climate andable to understand ourselves; it also indicates that we put "morality" first, conform to the industry rules and abide by professional ethics. We are flourishing in the process of adapting to the environment and managing resources! Such is the meaning of "flourishing trees".

        Since its founding, the company has often been asked whether it is inextricably linked with Tsinghua University. In fact, at the outset, we are not obsessed with it - just like a child who wants to grow up is eager to leave the bosom of his parents. However, when we stayed overnight to design a project together, when we took pains for a water purification project,and when we keep improving our technical services for the perfection, it dawned on us what "Shui MU Qing Hua" truly meant. It is said that those four characters derived from Qing Mu Hua", meaning lucid water and towering trees. It could not be better to sum up our corporate spirit! It is not only the business requirements on us, but also the affectionate blessings on our future development and a way in which we pay tribute to our alma mater, always reminding us to forge ahead with our initial purposes.

       Hopefully we will enjoy a bright future through "unremitting self-improvement and social commitment and grow big like a flourishing and towering tree! 

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