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About us

 As a high-tech corporation specializing in the sponge city, water environmental improvement, drainage and flood prevention, Beijing Aquaroot Environment Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in February 2016.

       At present, we have more than 118 staff, among whom over 60% has a master's degree. The core members of us are all graduates from Tsinghua University, with their majors covering water supply and drainage, urban planning, environmental engineering, landscape architecture, electrical engineering, automatic control and among technical fields. At the same time, we have hired a number of experts from such institutions as Tsinghua University and Technical Guidance Committee for the Construction of Sponge City to serve as special advisers, thus provide sustained technical support for our daily operation and future development.

        We enjoy standardized organization and management, strong technical support and have developed a clear-cut development idea and a complete product system. Currently, our three major business scopes are planning and design, product solutions and services for intelligent dispatching operations, revolving around such four elements as providing planning and design, product solutions, the platform for intelligent dispatching operation, capital and production; we have devised  a development strategy of "planning and design as the core, product sales as the body and capital and operation as two wings". Our three core business departments, namely planning and design center, market center and development center provide customers with technical services and solutions for the following fields:

         (1) providing the planning and design services for the construction of sponge city, the disposal and treatment of contaminated water and sewage, comprehensive control of river basins and special prevention and control of waterlogging;

         (2) providing integrated network, storage tank, pumping station, outlet facilities among others with overall solutions product supply and operation services including rainfall control and the pollution control system capable of preventing overflowing;

         (3) providing a service platform of intelligent dispatching operation with the "Internet of Things" as the core, while ensuring the interconnectivity of facilities, improving the operation efficiency and the operation effect.

         Now, we strive to build sponge cities on a trial basis, and we have successfully finished building the first and second batch of sponge cities, as well as delivering a number of provincial and municipal key projects, providing services for Beijing, Qingdao, Nanjing, Wuhan, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Zhuhai, Qian'an, Yuxi, Pingxiang, Ruili and many other cities. At the same time, we have proactively developed sound relations of cooperation with China Institute of City Construction Co. Ltd., Tsinghua Holdings Human Settlements Environment Institute, Beijing Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning and Design Institute, North China Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. etc.

         We adhere to the development philosophy of "Integrity  comes first,  actions are prized and strive for perfection".Relying on advanced technology in the industry, we independently develop our products  to support design programs; remarkable achievements have been made in urban water and environmental protection and development, water resources recycle and utilization and other fields in China, demonstrating our tremendous product R&D ability, planning and technical service capabilities. We are making steadily strides toward our development goal of "integrity and sustainable development".

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