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About us

Corporate culture

Corporate Culture

Development vision: integrity and sustainable 

       We have long been committed to comprehensive control, development and protection of water resources, providing urban residents in China with clean and healthy water environment . "Aquaroot" is profound in meaning, which is an expression for the development of our vision."Qingyuan( purify the roots)" stems from a renowned phrase of Zhu Xi, a great Confucianist in Song Dynasty: "How could a creek be so crystal clear, there must be a flowing water source", it means a lucid water source makes a clear creek, which stands for the founding intention of us; besides, it also evinces the poetic ambience of On Reading, oozing the entrepreneurship spirit of us and spurring us to forge ahead with our initial intents. "Huajian"(the root in Aquaroot) means in the new era of national development, as a sci-tech environment corporation, we will continue to proceed from making innovations in science and technology for the research and development, while propagating the "entrepreneurship and innovation", assuming brand-new social responsibility and addressing problems for environmental governance and national development. Meanwhile, the name of our corporation also denotes "Tsinghua “in Chinese, which manifests that the founders of us are graduates from “Tsinghua University" and their affection for it, reminding them to practice the motto of Tsinghua -- "unremitting self-improvement and social commitment". In the remembrance of the alma mater, we are striving to achieve sustained development and enjoy a bright future!

       We remain committed to water resource protection, cleaning and exploring water resources, so as to consolidate the fundamental water environment for the development of human society. At present, water pollution is severe and the urban water environment is worrisome, our job thus has its urgency and difficulty, and our job is one for the great cause of our age and future generations.We prize ideas, respects for technology and encourage the staff "to harbor lofty ideals" with their initial aspirations, while being "down to earth" and pressing ahead with entrepreneurship. The way ahead of us remains far and long , and yet we enjoy the first-class design, advanced technology and equipment as well as]seasoned and professional team in the industry, and hence we are confident and determined to assume responsibility for our country, in an effort to completely reverse the situation of urban water pollution.

Development task: improve urban water environment and create a new life experience.

       We adhere to the corporate purpose of "improving urban water environment and creating a new life experience", in a bid to actively prevent and improve the urban water pollution in China, with a view to creating a new experience of urban water supply and providing a safer and cleaner water environment for domestic cities. As the phrase goes, "How could a creek be so crystal clear, there must be a flowing water source", we rely on the cutting-edge technology in the industry to independently develop products and supporting designs.Great achievements have been made  in the field of domestic urban water environment protection and development, water resources recycling and utilization, demonstrating tremendous R&D ability, planning and technical service capabilities, and we have already become the bellwether of the industry.


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